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  • Investing in real estate is a safe way to make a long-term investment. This market typically carries profitable returns and allows you to diversify your portfolio if you’ve already invested in stocks and bonds. However, investing in traditional real estate isn’t like trading regular financial products. Owning a property means you’ll have to pay taxes, cover maintenance costs, manage it, and put in many hours as a landlord. Besides, real estate isn’t liquid and carries some risks, since so much money is likely tied up in your property. What if you could reduce your exposure to risks and invest in

  • Buying commercial property can be challenging. The properties can be very expensive, and you’ll usually need a down payment of at least 35%. Fortunately, there are many opportunities to fund commercial real estate creatively. Always remember that commercial real estate owners are business people. Everything is negotiable. You might be surprised by what a seller is willing to do in order to make a deal happen! Be honest with the seller and the broker. Brokers want deals to work, too. After all, brokers don’t get paid until closing. On this Master Call, you will learn how to use Crowdfunding to

  • Business Coaching and Mentoring Key to Building Personalized Financial and Cash Flow Plan The saying  “Cash is king” has never been more true than when starting, operating and expanding a small business. Whether you’re just beginning to think about turning your passion into a business or you’re managing a growing brand, a business coach or mentor can be a significant asset for small business owners when it comes to financial and cash flow planning. It’s no secret that small businesses struggle to get started and stay on a positive path. According to the Small Business Administration, only half of all

  • REIA NYC Releases New Mobile App for Real Estate Investors and AgentsREIA NYC Community app aims to increase profits for those in the independent real estate investment industry (NEW YORK – February 14, 2017) – Real Estate Investors Association New York Community (REIA NYC) has released a mobile app designed to assist real estate investors and agents with investment goals. The app provides insights, continuing education and tools to assist real estate investors and agents in their real estate businesses.REIA NYC Community is available as a free download for both Android and Apple devices. Once downloaded, users have access to newsletters,

  • TMartin blog article  Mastering the Message: Social Media and Technology In today’s world, broad exposure is necessary to increase your return on investment by using the most effective marketing campaigns. In order to master marketing and turn your business into a marketing magnet to capture business, knowing how to leverage your social media networks and utilize technology tools is key to the success of real estate investors.  Build relationships on social media  With so many social media networks available and new ones cropping up all the time, it can be difficult to narrow your focus. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are the

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