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Teresa Martin’s background includes:

  • B.S. in Criminal Justice from John Jay College
  • J.D. in Legal Studies at Touro School of Law in New York
  • Member of Environmental Law Journal and Deans List while attending Touro School of Law
  • A serial entrepreneur since childhood building many businesses
  • Frequent speaker regarding mortgage lending and servicing issues and is called upon for training regarding mortgage originating and closing issues for clients as well as community organizations.
  • Principal, Law Offices of Teresa R. Martin, P.C. in the areas of real estate and consumer credit matters
  • Counsel/Founder of Real Estate Investors Association NYC (“REIA NYC”)
  • Field Trainer, Financial Education Services
  • New York Area Leader, Fellowship for Companies of Christ International
  • New York Chapter Director and past President of Better Investing, the nation’s largest non-profit organization dedicated to investment education
  • Sits on the Board of Directors for National Real Estate Investors Association which represents the interests of approximately 40,000 members across the U.S.
  • Financial Health Certification by National Association of Certified Credit Counselors
  • Certified Financial Education Instructor (CFEI) by National Financial Educators Council
  • Founder of Generational Wealth Zone which provides financial education solutions to individuals, schools, businesses, families, government and nonprofit organizations around the globe to improve financial literacy.
  • Financially independent from age 35 through investing – not marketing – unlike many other financial gurus who made their money through marketing courses and books.
  • An active investor since the age of 18 who earns consistent investment returns in both up and down markets.
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Teresa teaches personal finance and investing based on real life experience. She walks the talk and has the results to prove it. She does not teach ivory tower theories or inaccurate conventional wisdom: instead, She shows you what works, what doesn’t, and why – all based on actual experience. Teresa’s personal journey includes $158,000 in consumer debt, $150,000 in student loans, a pending foreclosure, a bankruptcy filing and a decrease in her credit score from 819 to 437 resulting from the September 11 attacks in 2001. With her renewed financial focus, she walked the road to financial recovery and has never looked back since! This new found financial peace she experienced fueled her passion to help others do the same.

Teresa’s testimony demonstrates the benefits of knowing how to manage money which extend well beyond your bank account. In five years or less you can achieve financial wellness!

“Never put a period where God has put a comma.” ~Gracie Allen

No matter what happens to us, whatever the tragedy—a failure, a big mistake, the loss of health or a relationship, you name it– we should never assume that this is God’s last word. We should never give up or lose hope. “Never place a period where God has placed a comma…because God is still speaking.”

Teresa, has two adult daughters, is the very proud grandmother of two grandchildren and currently lives in Brooklyn, New York.

Learn more about Teresa Martin:

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