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Keynotes, Conference and Workshops

Teresa's presentations range from a 45 minute keynote presentation to a 1.5 hour workshop. Any of the presentations can be customized to meet the needs of your group.

Here are some of Teresa's most requested signature talks:
  • Financial Recovery – Emerging from the Ashes!
  • Proverbs 31 – Financial Literacy Series for Women
  • Control without Ownership – Creative Real Estate Investing
  • BizSmart: Steps to Small Business Start-Up
  • FaithWalk – Personal & Business Stewardship
  • HomeEd – For First Time Home Buyers & Owners

Teresa covers ten personal finance topic areas including: Budgeting & Account Management, Credit & Debt, Financial Psychology & Goal Setting, Skill Growth, Income, Insurance & Risk Management, Business Relations, Entrepreneurship Basics, Investment Basics and Long-Term Planning. Teresa is widely recognized for her ability to connect with audiences and inspire them to take positive financial action with interactive and engaging presentations.

Any of the presentations can be customized to meet the needs of your group.

Teresa’s signature talks include:

Emerging from the Ashes! How to Recover From a Financial Setback
Whether you’ve just filed for bankruptcy, been foreclosed on, recently divorced, or made a bad investment, there is still hope for recovery. Financial setbacks can come in many forms. This uniquely tailored presentation is designed to help participants learn about steps they can take to assess their current financial situation, identify steps to successfully implement a financial recovery plan, recover financially and rebuild their credit after experiencing a financial setback.

Control Without Ownership: Purchase Real Estate with No Money and No Credit
Real Estate requires tons of specialized knowledge, a productive mind-set, persistence, working with frustrating situations and annoying people, and continuous problem solving. Having the right knowledge, system, and support can make all the difference. In this presentation, participants learn about controlling a property and creating cash flow from it without owning it through various seller-financing options. This comprehensive training will show you multiple ways to create potential profits using creative real estate financing which typically require little to no capital or cash on your part including lease options, land contracts and wholesale transactions.

Faith and Finances – Personal & Business Stewardship
This is an interactive workshop helping people connect their Faith with their Finances. This presentation is designed to highlight the time, talent, treasure, relationships and influence which God has entrusted to each of us uniquely with to accomplish His purposes. This is a must attend workshop for Christian individuals and/or business owners to receive biblical insights and practical tools to help you become a better steward of all that God has entrusted to you and your family.

BizSmart Credit: 5 Essentials Steps to Obtaining Business Funding
Over 95% of businesses fail within their first 5 years in business due to lack of capital to help sustain and grow the business. Don’t be one of the 95% of businesses that ends in financial ruin. Teresa’s pragmatic style, walks through the 5 essential steps you can take for your business to ensure you will be approved for money for your business and be a business success story, not an epic failure. Take a look at these 5 essential steps to obtaining business funding.
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