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How to Create a Wealth Building Plan…That Actually Works!

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About Ebere Okoye

Ebere Okoye is the founder of The Wealth Building CPA, a team of trained professionals experienced at providing detailed economic solutions and planning to people and companies. Her team handles everything from tax compliance and planning to providing clients with well thought out investment strategies that result in the generation of passive income, and ultimately, in complete financial freedom.
Her organization is a reflection of her own lifetime goals, experience and financial strategies. Using a combination of tax strategies and sound financial planning, Okoye has, over the years, steadily gone from renting an apartment, to owning her own home, to possessing real estate investments that are spread out over five states, as well as a sound stock market portfolio.

Growing Businesses Deserve As Much Cash Flow And Asset Protection As Giant Multinationals!

You will learn:
  • Tax Planning and Preparation - How to maximize deductions and minimize common mistakes
  • The difference between Tax Planning and Tax Preparation
  • Entity Structuring and the correct way to register your business
  • How to build your Power Team, and plan for retirement.

BONUS SESSION: Learn how new IRS rules will affect real estate investors, landlords and developers!
  • What the IRS changes mean for YOU as an investor
  • How these changes could force you to pay more taxes
  • How to legally reduce the amount of tax you pay (if any at all!)
  • Which mistakes to avoid when filing your taxes

Join us!
Wednesday, January 14, 2015 from 6:00 pm to 9:30 pm (EST)

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