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Power Tour

Tour Begins March 2015 In New York City!

What is the WISE Power Tour?

It’s a hands-on conference with workshops and classes, taught by successful women who are on tour to help other women achieve the lifestyle and financial freedom they enjoy as successful empowered women.

What can you expect at our PowerTour?

  • You’ll be able to hear empowered women explain how they did it.
  • You’ll be networking with other women who want what you want for women and for yourself.
  • You’ll be able participate in wealth-building workshops and unlock talent you didn’t know you had.
  • You’ll be putting yourself on the road to financial reward.
  • You’ll become today’s successful role model for women of tomorrow!

Who attends our PowerTour?

The women who attend the Power conference are women just like you. They are smart, independent and strong. We all learned to walk after we learned to crawl. Now we want to move ahead at full speed.
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