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Monthly Events

REIA NYC Meetings

Real Estate Investors Association of NYC (REIA NYC) is a member of the Enjoy Your Legacy family and is one of the premier real estate investment associations serving the New York City marketplace.

Monthly Meetings
Our monthly meetings are the heart and soul of REIA NYC. Every month you have the opportunity to attend a workshop, receive an in depth market update presentation, network with your fellow Investors and our Business Associates…plus…have an opportunity to present to the membership properties you have for sale and hear a guest speaker. There is ample time set aside for networking. The general session includes a guest speaker that is an expert in a specific area of real estate investing. Come early and learn from experts on a specific topic in our pre-meeting workshop. There is no other organization in New York City that brings individuals and organizations interested in investing in real estate together with the business community that supports them and this happens every month! Create your network and support group that will help make you successful!
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