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Paperback - $9.99
E-Book - $9.99

Wealth or Poverty: Your Choice

Do you believe anyone can become wealthy if she has the right mindset?

In a fable detailing the lives of a woman who thinks poor and another who thinks rich, Wealth or Poverty has already helped thousands of readers educate themselves financially and provide them the set of mindset skills required to help them achieve their dreams and goals.

Packed with only the most effective techniques, this book can be used alone or as a supplement to transforming your life toward the positive. With this book, you'll learn a range of proven methods for overcoming your false belief system about money and enjoying your legacy, including:

  • Noticing the Opportunities Present in Your Everyday Life
  • "Lack" vs. Abundance Mindset
  • Learning How to Deal With Challenges
  • Investing and Cash Flow

Regardless of your background, you have the ability to think and live rich. With Dr. Martin's help you can energize your life and see yourself in the place you were always destined to be.

So which path will you choose? It's your choice ...
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