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Business Credit The Right Way™
Price: $3, 995

“Give her credit for all she does. She deserves the respect of everyone.”
- Proverbs 31:31

Imagine yourself wealthy. As a women seeing yourself empowered in the position you were always destined to be. Not only do you have strength, independence, emotional fulfillment in your relationships, marriage, and career, but with your legacy you’ve built upon principles your family can use to grow and empower themselves beyond generations. Your children show you the appreciation you deserve. Your husband praises you. You no longer have any fear of the future.

Your success was all about choices you made, but in order to make those choices you first needed the right knowledge. The right knowledge to allow you to build lasting wealth, a legacy you’re proud of, spending less time on mistakes and more time with family.

Remember back to the way things were, when you thought building your legacy was all about a big house, a fancy car, and keeping up with the Jones’. Sure those things are nice, but that was before you realized material possessions mean little when it comes to real wealth. Your journey down this path began when you started your own business in your passion. That was your first step: establishing business and financial credibility.

That is, establishing business credit and ensuring you could obtain lines of credit. With the knowledge provided for you in this program, you are now able to tap into a lifetime of commercial credit based funding.

With this foundation, your business is able to establish trade or vendor credit, and build your Business Credit Scores to the highest level possible. Our Financial Consultants provide you advice on how best to leverage your Business Credit Asset™ to obtain the cash and credit you need to help your dream grow and thrive into a reality.

In addition to building your credit, there are many other useful tools you can access throughout the program, including:

  • How To Prepare & Present a Successful Funding Request
  • Start a Business – Where To Begin and How To Grow
  • The Art & Science of Obtaining Venture or Angel Investor Capital

Program Benefits Include
  • Our certified coaches will walk you through the process of ensuring your business is in compliance with commercial lending guidelines. We help you set-up your business credit files with all key agencies. We’re the only company in the industry that has partnerships and with all three business credit bureaus.
  • Once you’re in compliance, we’ll immediately assist you in applying for your first round of financing. We’ll introduce you to our own personal network of lenders, which means we can get you opportunities faster than any other firm.
  • We’ll help you over a 12 month period grow and achieve a solid credit file that’ll bring you the greatest possible opportunities. We’re able to do this because we’ve the largest database of credit providing business that’ll report your trade credit to D&B and other key agencies … No one else has our database.
  • Our Commercial Funding Advisors not only identify lending opportunities for you, but actually facilitate applications for your business. We’re the only company that has seamlessly integrated Business Credit Development and Commercial Funding Services.
  • Our program is of incredible value … We’re able to offer our business credit coaching and commercial credit funding at the lowest possible cost to young, entrepreneurial women only because we’re the largest and most successful provider.

So if you’re already picturing yourself living that good life, it’s about time to tap into a lifetime of commercial credit based funding for your passion… Our Business Credit The Right Way™ is the only one of its kind specifically designed to get you the best results. This invaluable knowledge is yours for a one-time payment of $3, 995 or 4 monthly payments of $1,250.

We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction … If at the end of our 12 month program you’re not completely satisfied and well on your way to achieving your legacy, we’ll provide you with an additional 12 months access to a certified credit coach and access to our world-class commercial credit program platform at no additional cost.

We hope by now you have a vision. Our vision, passion, and mission is to see women empowered and take the throne where they need to be. Let us help you Enjoy Your Legacy!

Would you like to know more? Let’s schedule a call.

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