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NonProfit Real Estate Program

National statistics indicate that there are over 1.6 million Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs) in the United States. For many of these organizations, fund raising represents one of their biggest challenges.

Strongbrook’s lucrative commission structure represents an opportunity for NPOs to potentially raise significant funds with minimal resources. Since Strongbrook Corporate takes control of the PSA sales process, an NPO merely needs to expose their contact list to the investor opportunity and refer them to Strongbrook. The Non-Profit Organization can then raise significant funds when any of their referrals choose to purchase a PSA and participate in the investor opportunity.

This is the ultimate win-win-win-win scenario. The NPO raises additional funds for its charitable cause, Strongbrook gains another investor client, the client financially benefits from participating in our amazing investor opportunity, and the enrolling IBD earns commissions on all PSAs sold by the NPO.

To assist IBDs in enrolling Non Profit Organizations into Strongbrook, we have created a special NPO program. This program offers the following unique benefits to NPOs that wish to participate:

  1. Purchase of the required $99 IBD Starter Kit is waived.
  2. Purchase of the monthly required $19.95 IBD Admin Fee is waived.
  3. NPO will be granted permanent “Active” status.
  4. The IBD position will be graced at the Associate IBD Rank to ensure receipt of funds earned on a minimum of 3 levels of depth.

These provisions will allow the NPO to fully participate in the Strongbrook opportunity with no out of pocket costs. To enroll, the NPO must first remit to Strongbrook Support Services a copy of their IRS Form 1023 demonstrating their 501c3 tax exempt status as a Non-Profit Organization.

Send to or fax #801-734-3294. Once the document is received at Strongbrook, a Support Services representative will contact the authorized NPO representative within 2-3 business days to assist him/her with enrolling the organization as a Strongbrook NPO IBD.

Note: To help satisfy IRS requirements for Non Profit Organizations, be advised that Strongbrook will retain ownership of the NPO’s IBD position, but will hold it in the name of the NPO for the NPOs exclusive use. All commissions earned by this IBD position will be paid to Strongbrook. Strongbrook will subsequently remit a donation to the NPO for an amount equal to the commissions paid to Strongbrook from that IBD position. Strongbrook is not a licensed tax professional and does NOT offer tax recommendations or advice. Each Strongbrook IBD, Referral Affiliate, and Client, including Non-Profit Organizations, must consult their own tax professional to assess the potential tax implications of the Strongbrook opportunity.
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