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Real Estate Investor Coaching

Done-For-You Real Estate & Coaching Program

In this program, you do not just LEARN real estate, you DO real estate! Our real estate program is aligned with the best coaches, mentors and real estate investors to create a step-by-step wealth plan for both Growth and Cashflow.

Receive premium professional education in the real estate strategies that are most effective in today’s economy. Through a combination of live and virtual learning, you will be taught how to invest the most intelligent way in real estate bubbles, recessions and normal growth markets.

Learn how to invest with the least time, least risk, and least effort while maximizing profits and producing a powerful service in the community.

Most importantly, learn about the power of leveraging experts to help build your portfolio.

Learn how to select the best markets, evaluate potential investment properties, acquisition, creative financing, property management, and every other required skill set to transact real estate to build Wealth.


  • Creating Your Real Estate Game Plan – Mindset training, developing your million dollar game plan
  • Finding the Best Deals and the Hottest Markets – Deals in your local market, deals in hot markets, acquisition process
  • Becoming an Expert at Funding Your Deals – Leveraging, lending, appraisals, self-directing qualified accounts
  • Creating Profit Locally and Nationally – Serving through real estate, property management, compassionate financing (lease options)
  • Implementing your Wealth Protection Plan – Financial paradigms, banking, asset protection, estate planning, business entities
  • Accelerating your Wealth with Infinite Returns – Creative partnering, cash partners, credit partners, limitless growth
  • Contracts & Documents

Entry Level Program - $499 + $99/month


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