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It is very rare to find a versatile professional like the founder of Enjoy Your Legacy, Teresa R. Martin, Esq. She is an attorney, financial coach, real estate investor, speaker, entrepreneur and author. Teresa provides wisdom and insight to propel audiences into action and rise from the failures and downfalls that life has dealt. As she always says: “even if everything has gone up in flames in your life, know that underneath all of that ash, is your purpose!” When you think that you already have a flagging soul and want to just give up everything that you worked for all this time, a motivational and inspiration speaker like her can uplift your soul and will help you and your audience give new meaning to why you are here, in business and life. When you experience financial setbacks and you are in dark on how you can recover financially, Teresa can help you have a clear and right mindset. Aside from learning the effective strategies to have a business success story, she is also a versatile professional from whom you can learn a lot of things because she is not only an entrepreneur but also a professional attorney, real estate investor, financial coach, author and effective, smart, witty and engaging speaker. You will never have a dull moment or wasted time with Teresa.


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From motivational seminars to financial literacy trainings to money-generating workshops, Teresa is available to speak.
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A lot of us also find her workshops, keynotes and conferences very much useful not only for our business but as well as life. Some of the most requested signature talks of Enjoy Your Legacy’s founder Teresa R. Martin are Financial Recovery – Emerging from the Ashes!, Proverbs 31 – Financial Literacy Series for Women, Control without Ownership – Creative Real Estate Investing, BizSmart: Steps to Small Business Start-Up, FaithWalk – Personal & Business Stewardship and HomeEd – For First Time Home Buyers & Owners

  • Financial Recovery – Emerging from the Ashes!
    This is very helpful and inspiring whether you have just filed for your business bankruptcy, recently divorced, been foreclosed on or have just made a very bad investment. No matter how big your losses are or how complicated the situation you are in, there’s still hope for your recovery. In today’s tight economy, there are many financial setbacks that may happen to you but it is guaranteed also that it is possible for you to recover. One of the effective solutions to recover is Enjoy Your Legacy founder’s uniquely tailored presentation that is especially designed to help all the participants to learn about the effective steps that they can possibly take to assess their current financial situation, as well as to identify all the steps to implement an effective financial recovery plan successfully and recover and rebuild their credit right after they have experienced a financial setback.
  • Control without Ownership – Creative Real Estate Investing
    In order for a person to excel and succeed in the real estate industry, she must have everything that is needed to make that happen. This particular industry requires a productive mindset, specialized knowledge, persistence, continuous problem solving and working with annoying people and frustrating situations at times. Listening to Dr. Teresa R. Martin’s conferences and attending her workshops can be very beneficial to you because you will learn about how to effectively control a property, create cash flow from it without having the need to own it through different seller-financing options. Having the right system, knowledge and support can make a difference in your luck in business. Aside from that, this particular comprehensive training will show all the applicants multiple ways to effectively create profits using efficient and creative real estate financing strategies which would typically require a very little capital or none at all on your part such as lease options, wholesale transactions and land contracts, to name a few.
  • BizSmart Credit: 5 Essentials Steps to Obtaining Business Funding
    An estimated percentage of over 95% of businesses fail within their first 5 years in any business due to lack of capital to help the business grow. You can spare yourself from going down the road of financial ruin and bankruptcy with the professional help of Enjoy Your Legacy’s Teresa R. Martin, Esq. Her pragmatic style walks through the five essential steps that you can possibly take in order for your business to succeed and ensure you are approved money for your own business. With her, you can make a business success story and not an epic failure.
  • Faith and Finances – Personal and Business Stewardship
    This is also a very advantageous opportunity that you can get from Enjoy Your Legacy founder. It is an interactive workshop that helps people to connect their Faith with Finances. It is especially designed to highlight talent, time, influence and relationships which God has wholeheartedly entrusted to us uniquely to successfully accomplish all of His purposes. This is a must-attend workshop both for Christian individuals and business owners to receive the practical tools and biblical insights to effectively help them become a better steward of every single thing that God has kindly entrusted to us and to our family.


From motivational seminars to financial literacy trainings to money-generating workshops, Teresa is available to speak.​

Give us more info on your event by filling out the form below and we will be in touch with you shortly!

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