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  • When you hire outsourcers to complete tasks for you, it's not enough to simply tell them what you'd like them to do and let them get to it. You need to give them detailed specifications to ensure a high standard of quality. If you don't and the work comes back wrong, you only have yourself to blame. It's not hard at all to create job specs. The good thing is that when you create a spec sheet once, you can use it over and over again. For example, if you have a blogging guide for your writers, you can give

  • Small business owners often forget that they don't have to do everything themselves. Especially in this day and age where much of what we do is online, you can find many ways to get things done without actually doing them yourself. Automating and outsourcing allow you to whittle down your list of daily things to do. Automation – Let a Software Program Handle It Automation means relegating a certain task to a software program. There are many daily business tasks that can be automated, leaving you free to do other things. One example is managing email lists. If you had

  • FREE DOWNLOAD: CLICK HERE >> Income Boost Blueprint: How To Wholesale Real Estate In Your Spare Time A poor job market and tight lending practices are pushing many to work for themselves and find alternate ways to fund their fledging businesses. While most people are aware of the option of using their 401(k) to purchase a home, most are not aware that the option exists to use their 401(k) to fund a business. Let's look at how you can do that. Here is the process to set it up: Set-up a C Corporation. You can do this yourself or hire an

  • Are you new to real estate investing? If so, maybe you’re a little confused on how or where to start. No worries. I’ve got a simple but effective, no-nonsense plan that will help you get some clarity around your goals and get you taking the action you need to take to get on the path to success. First things first. You must establish a good foundation. That goes for real estate or any other venture either both business and personal. The successful real estate investor has a plan, a strategy (or multiple strategies) and a team in place. You may

  •   FREE DOWNLOAD: CLICK HERE >> Income Boost Blueprint: How To Wholesale Real Estate In Your Spare Time Although real estate may seem like a sure bet for anyone, many investors make the same few mistakes. Eliminate these errors from your investing activities and you'll be well on your way to accumulating the wealth you desire. Avoid These Mistakes Poor research. Most of us do a lot of research when we plan our vacations or purchase a new television. If you were buying one that was worth 100k, you can bet you’d do even more research! Well, you should be doing

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