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45 Minute Business

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a practicing attorney, or a real-estate go-get’er, Teresa is ready to share 8 simple strategies that are proven revenue generators for any small business.

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What’s Inside ?

The purpose of this book is to walk you through a process I’ve created where I can find any business a minimum of $10,000 in just 45 minutes.

I will go through 8 simple strategies that are proven revenue generators for any small business. Most business owners know nothing about these strategies, and therefore, are failing to capitalize on their revenue-generating power.

For the purposes of this book, I’ll cover each of the 8 strategies in individual chapters for one main reason. I want you to be able to review these strategies and minimize the amount of timeit will take you to implement them in their entirety.

  • More Leads –Marketing and Advertising
  • More Leads –Joint Ventures
  • More Conversions –Downselling
  • More Conversions –Drip Campaign
  • More Transactions –Upsell / Cross-sell
  • More Transactions –Expand Offerings
  • Higher Prices –Bundling
  • More Profit –Increase Pricing / Internships

As a business owner or entrepreneur, if you’re struggling right now to generate more leads and clients for your business, and you need to find immediate ways to dramatically increase your businesses bottom line revenue, then spend the next few minutes with me and I’ll show you how I can help you make all of these problems disappear forever.

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About the Author

Teresa helps her clients create financial legacies. Her diverse background as an attorney, real estate investor, and business consultant gives her a unique perspective that helps her clients look beyond their limitations and take the steps necessary to realize their dreams.

As the CEO of Generational Wealth Zone LLC, Teresa is perfectly positioned to help entrepreneurs realize their dream of building thriving businesses and achieve the level personal, financial, and professional freedom they want through her comprehensive instructional materials, coaching, live events, and personal connections with many of the biggest names in the real estate investing world today.

Dr. Teresa R. Martin Esq.

“Teresa’s guidance gave me self-awareness. I’m not as reserved, I have clarity on my purpose. I’m open to providing paid services to others instead of doing things for free. I learned the importance of having multiple streams of income and an emergency fund account. “

James Thompson
IT Consultant, James Earl Thompson LLC.

“I stopped thinking about starting a business and actually did it! Teresa helped us to see that starting a business could be a reality and walked us through each step of the process. We would not have been able to do this without Teresa’s ongoing support and guidance.”

Diane Dimuria
RN & Wellness Coach, Hodi Enterprises, Inc.

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