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If you’re struggling to get new coaching clients… if your marketing plan isn’t giving you the results you expected… there’s one approach you may not have considered, which is to write a book;

Become an author!

A printed book, even in today’s digital age, still has the effect of creating authority. Having your name on the cover of a book has the potential to grow your business far beyond what would otherwise be possible. Here are __ huge reasons writing a book may be the “secret sauce” that get your business noticed.

1. Authority:

Writing a book automatically positions you as an authority in people’s minds. Why? Because we all grew up with books delivering information we needed to learn. We subconsciously equate books with authority and expertise.

2. Competitive Advantage:

Being a published author gives you a competitive advantage. If you are seeking a business coach, and both of the coaches you interview are going to deliver the results you want, you’re going to start looking the differentiating factors that make one of them the clear choice. More often than not, you’ll choose the coach who is a published author. I’m not talking about an e-book or even a Kindle version, I’m talking about an actual physical book that has been professionally printed. 

3. Showcase Your Expertise:

A published book showcases your expertise. The Internet is filled with people claiming to be the best at something, or the leading authority in some field, but… are they, really? Becoming an author takes your work a step above self-proclaimed authority. It’s a platform that has been used for a very, very long time as a way for experts to share knowledge and deliver information. The key is to put everything you’ve got into writing a book: don’t compromise on your writing, and above all don’t compromise on your message.

 4. Greater Reach:

The Internet has become incredibly crowded and it’s increasingly difficult to stand out above the noise. Positioned well in both online and bricks-and-mortar booksellers – as well as your website and other online platforms, your book has the potential to reach millions of new readers… and thousands of potential clients. 

Being a published author is better than a business card. Most business cards end up being thrown out, or forgotten. But people will remember that you handed them a signed copy of your book!

5. More Opportunities to Make Money:

Writing a book opens up opportunities that are generally closed off to non-authors. You could be a featured guest on a popular podcast or a local interview show; or you could be asked to speak at a chamber of commerce, business, networking event, or school. In fact, books often lead to speaking gigs, coaching or consulting gigs, and you can even create courses or workshops based on your book – so the income you make from your book can be far more substantial than the royalties you receive from book sales!

 Do You Have To Write a Book To Be Successful?

These five HUGE benefits aside, do you really have to write a book to succeed? No. However, the competitive world of coaching highly values expertise and authority. Becoming a published author can become the tipping point that gets you noticed in a powerful way. 

I encourage you to put your thoughts and expertise on paper. Write a book (which is in itself an exercise in communication, personal growth, and learning), and see just how far it can take your business!

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