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Ready to launch your first joint venture? The first step is to find a business partner. Your ideal joint venture business partner is someone with the resources, skills, and assets to bring to the project that, in combination with yours, will make it successful. The whole idea is that two heads are better than one and you’ll each achieve more together than you would alone. 

Here are some ideas on where to look for the business partner who will best help you get that done.

Your Existing Contacts

Start with people you already know and do business with. Look at your existing clients, suppliers, and past business partners. The advantage here is that you don’t need to vet them. You already have a history together and you should have a good idea of their strengths and resources. 

Your Network

Next, look at people in your network who you haven’t done business with before. A joint venture is an excellent opportunity to build a relationship with a new person you’ve met and want to get to know better. You may have made contacts through networking that you’d benefit from getting to know better. 

Search Online

If you don’t have an existing contact to form a Joint Venture with, you can search for people online. One simple way to do this is to perform a Google search using keywords related to the type of skills or resources you need. Use a keyword tool to help you refine your search.

Social media offers another great way to search online. Look at who your network knows and follows. Search for influencers who are active on social media and have a highly engaged following. See what topics are trending in your niche and who’s talking about it.

Industry Newsletters

A good place to find experts in your field is industry newsletters. These can either be online email newsletters or offline ones. Look for people who are writing, speaking, or advertising in these publications. You can also start doing research as you look for people by seeing what they write about.

Trade Shows

One highly effective offline method is to attend trade shows. A trade show is where a large number of industry professionals gather and present their current business projects. People also come here to network, so it’s a great venue to meet new people, find out about them, and even pitch your JV ideas. 

Create a List and Narrow It Down

The best way to find an ideal Joint venture business partner is to make a big list of possibilities and research each person to narrow it down. Look at the assets, abilities, and resources they can bring. When researching potential partners, it’s important to also look at their online reputation. You may find out something important. Once you have a few candidates, reach out to them with your proposal.