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Speaker, Author, Million Dollar Real Estate Wealth Coach, Business Strategist, and Legal Counsel

Half the battle that we face from becoming great at anything that we do comes from having the right mindset for wealth and success. In today’s time, having that is one of the most effective ways to become wealthy, happy and successful. Our mind is so powerful and nothing is impossible if we only believe that we can accomplish every single thing within our reach. Fear is a common thing that all of us do experience. We may have different careers, lives, goals and ambitions but there is one thing that all of us have in common – fear and its effect on us. When we talk about financial freedom and how we can make that possible, one of the persons that will cross our minds is Dr. Teresa R. Martin, Esq., the founder of Enjoy Your Legacy.

She is one of the most-sought after lecturers in the industry and a competent consultant, keynote speaker, attorney, real estate investor, entrepreneur, educator, facilitator and a steward of hope as well as financial peace who deeply understands and emphasizes the importance of financial education both in business and in life. She was born in Long Island, NY and in late 1990s, she began her career in the legal industry. Despite the paucity of mentors, Enjoy Your Legacy’s Teresa Martin was inspired to give her best in everything that she does and excel in the corporate industry and to her self-employment when she created her own law firm which became very successful in just a short period of time- the Law Offices of Teresa R. Martin, P.C. In this practice, she has successfully hoed her special skills in areas of bankruptcy and real estate. She also specializes in residential and commercial real estate transactions, credit restoration and foreclosure defense litigation services.

Aside from being a successful attorney and founder of Enjoy Your Legacy, Teresa is also a well-seasoned real estate investor who took the industry in awe with her focus on creative acquisition strategies that she has developed alone, has implemented and taught to others as the Founder/ Counsel of Real Estate Investors Association NYC. She was looked up by many people as well for being an inspiring Director as well as past President of the nation’s largest non-profit organization that is very much dedicated to investment education, New York Chapter of Better Investing.

Her extensive legal experience which is coupled with her great passion for financial ministry and consumer education made her join as well as complete her Group Leader training with the Fellowship of Companies for Christ International (FCCI) in 2005. Teresa continues to equip, encourage and help the others to understand sound financial biblical principles through Generational Wealth Zone LLC. It is a conduit for a person to achieve financial freedom through a tutelage in the areas of business ownership, financial literacy, stock market and real estate investing. Her core interest is the financial literacy of young adults, women and other possible emerging markets that represent the financially disenfranchised segments in the population.

This strong woman behind Enjoy Your Legacy is more on actions than words and she really does what she preaches in life. She takes pride on her extensive experience and knowledge in her field. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from John Jay College, and Juris Doctorate in Legal Studies at Touro School of Law in New York. Aside from being included on the Dean’s List, she was also a member of the Environmental Law Journal while attending Touro School of Law. Teresa is an entrepreneur who frequently speaks about mortgage lending and servicing issues. She’s always called upon for trainings regarding mortgage originating and closing issues for clients and community organizations.

She sits also on the Board of Directors for National Real Estate Investors Association and represents the interests of about 40,000 members across the United States. The best thing about Enjoy Your Legacy’s founder is that she experienced financially independence at the young age of 35 through investing and the “School of Hard Knocks” and not marketing, unlike the other financial gurus out there who have successfully made their money through books and marketing courses. We can say that Dr. Teresa R. Martin, Esq. is a versatile professional and has exceptional business skills who has earned consistent investment returns in both up and down markets.

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