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Please complete the application below if you seriously want to sign $10,000 to $50,000 coaching clients… get paid EVERY last cent of that agreement… retain the client for longer than you ever thought possible… and have everyone smiling the whole way through.

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You will not only understand all the intricacies of marketing, but you’ll have a working knowledge that can help ANY small business owner out-market everyone in their industry… and literally dominate their market.

You’ll discover how to create every form of marketing and advertising there is… from print ads to postcards… reports to websites. You will instantly be able to identify and figure out the appropriate hot buttons for your clients (conversations in their head that make them react in your favor)… use those hot buttons to help develop a market-dominating position for your clients… transform that market-dominating position into a new identity for that business… and learn how to project that identity in their marketing using POWER, PRECISION and PASSION.

You’ll leave this training armed with an arsenal of new tools, templates and strategies you can instantly use to begin generating high dollar coaching clients and providing tangible assets (results) VS the old, ineffective transactional ‘do this… do that’ marketing style.

This program will place you in a league all your own… one that is currently shared by only the elite in the marketing world. Complete the form below and let’s get started.

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