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Join Me and other Fiscally Fabulous® Entrepreneurs from all over the World in my Multi-Author Book AND Become a Bestselling Author

“My Purpose – To Help You Realize Yours!” ~Dr. Teresa R. Martin, Esq.

You are someone with a great wealth of information; you are someone who knows the ins and outs of your industry and you would like to share your expertise with others.

You want to showcase your abilities while helping others by looking for the information you possess.

But let’s face it. Writing is hard. It’s something you need to practice, refine, and master the secrets… if you want to convey your ideas perfectly.


Yes, you can become one of the most trusted authorities in your niche. The best way to gain traction and create real forward movement in the ever-changing market is to capture an accomplishment like becoming a Bestselling Author.

The honor is something most professionals only dream of accomplishing, but this accomplishment may be right within your reach.

Sound Great Teresa. Tell Me More!

Here Are Just Some Of The Benefits To Becoming A Best-Selling Author:

Gain Massive Recognition and Create a Rock-Solid Reputation
as a Renowned Leader in Your Field Through a Best-Selling Book.

You will have the astonishing opportunity to:

  • Authority Expand your presence and extend your influence
  • Enhance your vision Present the world your unique gifts and offerings
  • Global Distribution Expand your reach across the globe as THE EXPERT in your field
  • More Clients Use on your website, in articles, proposals, in your bio and for your next book
  • Personal Branding Enhance your resume and profile
  • Speaker Opportunities highlight your expertise on your subject
  • Increases Earning potential Opens the doors to new opportunities


  • 1500 Word Chapter Per Author
  • 250 Word Bio Page with Picture
  • Personal links to your website
  • Professional Copy Editor Experts will edit your chapter and sent to you for review
  • Interior Layout and design professionally done for you! Cover Design and Layout
  • Professional publishing manager to hold your hand
  • Ebook is distributed through ePub, iBook, Kindle, and Nook
  • ISBN is secured for the book
  • Bar Code is provided
  • Digital proof is provided
  • Worldwide book distribution to online booksellers, wholesalers, brick-and-mortar independent and chains, bookstores and libraries
  • Global Distribution of digital editions to online retailers and wholesalers i.e.: Amazon/Kindle, Barnes & Noble/Nook, Apple/iTunes, Kobo.
  • Hard Copy and Digital Format provided
  • 10 Copies of physical book (low quantity ordering available)


BEST SELLER Marketing Campaign include Training for Authors including:

  • Best practices for writing a chapter
  • Amazon Bestseller training
  • Social Media for Authors
  • Getting Publicity
  • How to leverage the book to increase revenue and get more clients, partners, etc.
  • How to use the book to get speaking engagements


Author Package


Secure your spot in the next book and we will walk you step by step through the process of becoming a Best Selling author

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Custom Cover Package


This package includes all of the above PLUS a CUSTOM COVER with your name on the front cover and Bio on the back

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I understand and agree that my bonus interview, photo and bio will be showcased in the best-selling book extensive promotions, and I will be updated by email on the program progress and additional opportunities. I also understand there are limited spots for program participation. If I am too late and all the spots are taken or if my application cannot be accepted, my credit card charge will be voided or refunded with 48 hours. Specific number of book sales is not guaranteed.