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Maximize Your CreditAbility: Start and Grow a Business Using Business Credit for Bigger Profits

About Topic

Teresa will teach how you can obtain business credit and financing for your company. This session applies to you whether you’re a startup or established business, have personal credit challenges, or have been denied financing by a bank. In this session, Teresa will dive into the 5 most common mistakes that get people denied when applying for business credit. She’ll map out the exact steps you need in order to succeed, and teach you how to open up possibilities for your business that you would never have imagined.

You Will Discover

  • Business Credit Decoded- What business credit REALLY is and how you can have high-limit revolving business credit cards and lines very quickly
  • The reasons every business owner HAS to have business credit to survive and thrive
  • A look at actual business credit building results from people like YOU, so you can get approved for similar high-limit business credit accounts
  • How to insure you qualify for approval BEFORE you apply for business credit by meeting the lender’s secret 20 Point Credibility Check
  • How to get approved for initial business credit even if you just opened for business TODAY

Who is This Session For?

  • You own a business or are thinking about starting one
  • You are looking for cash and credit to start, build, and grow a thriving business
  • If you have ever been denied financing anytime in the past or think you might be denied financing.
  • If you want to obtain piles of money for your business that is not linked or reported on your personal credit and requires no credit check or guarantee from you.
  • If you have past or present credit challenges or less than perfect credit.

Client Testimonial

“this investment helped put us on the path to financial freedom. We took multiple real estate education classes and were starting to feel dejected, like we were never going to be able to invest. This completely changed our attitude, we learned we did not have to do all the work of investing on our own.”

Barbara Hormann, Holistic Health & Wellness, My Empowerment Place (Brooklyn, NY)

Create Your Fiscally Fabulous Lifestyle: How to Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck

About Topic

Talking frankly about money has always been taboo in our culture. It’s about time we stopped avoiding it, started noticing it, talking about it, and receiving more of it! In this session, you’ll learn the simple plan that puts all the financial information together into a step-by-step path that you can follow to turn your financial life around. You’ll be given clear understanding of your current financial state, your total income, and what you pay out monthly. Also learn how to stop unnecessary spending today, and learn a savings plan that you can start now to change your financial lifestyle forever.

You Will Discover

  • Recognize the importance of knowing your income, debt, and savings.
  • Increase awareness of frivolous spending and how to decrease/eliminate such spending.
  • Find sources for money so you can start saving now and start funding the perfect vacation, car, house, or that big ticket dream item.
  • Understand the necessity of paying off debt. Stop wasting thousands of dollars a year on interest and put that money to good use.
  • Discover creative ways to earn extra money, and get paid what you’re worth.
  • Learn how to use part of your savings to erase debt and increase your wealth while you sleep soundly with smart investments.
  • See how following a cash flow can benefit you.
  • Learn where your money goes and how to control where it’s going.

Client Testimonial

“before joining REIA NYC, I didn’t know that I could become an investor. I took a course with Rich Dad, but they didn’t really go into the nitty gritty of investing.”
Natacha Ferrari

Creating Your Residual Income Breakthrough: 4 Strategies to TRIPLE Your Income

About Topic

Like most entrepreneurs, you started your business to generate more income, to have more time off, and to do what you love. Are you seeing those results? There are a lot of people out there teaching marketing and business skills. So why are there still so many entrepreneurs who aren’t making enough money? Those entrepreneurs aren’t learning the valuable lessons. Imagine learning how to build a few passive income streams that will provide you with reliable profits for the next ten years, or even longer.

In this session, Teresa will show you how passive income is one of the greatest ways to build wealth; how you can create an unlimited amount of extra money in this way and make the next year your best year yet.

You Will Discover

  • The 4 Passive Income Streams
  • Rental Income. A cash flowing rental property is a fantastic way to bring in a monthly income. When you own a property free and clear, there’s a lot of money to be made.
  • Make smart decisions about maximizing your wealth by reinvesting your profits dividends, pensions, or interest from investments into other projects that will provide even more earnings. With dedicated investments, it’s possible to pay your living expenses from the interest.
  • Create more earnings from a business that requires little time, expertise, or your involvement because of strategic affiliates and silent partnerships.
  • Create a money breakthrough with royalties or cash from artistic creation strategies to create residual income by building something once that could pay you forever.

Client Testimonial

“because of being connected to Teresa, I have a network of professionals who are also like-minded that continues to expand my growth.”
Lorie Nicholas


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