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A book is a powerful business-building tool, and it also gives your clients a valuable resource. If you are intimidated by the thought of putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard), and you aren’t ready to hire a ghostwriter, here are three ideas you can use to get into book writing.

1. Repurpose Old Material

This is perhaps the easiest way for you to write a book. If you’ve been blogging, you may well have an entire chapter’s worth of material from each blog. If you wonder if anybody will pay for a book that’s nothing more than a compilation of your blogs, the answer is “yes.” People love to have information organized for them. It’s frustrating to go to someone’s blog page and see 50 blogs on various topics, and have no way to quickly find exactly the topic you’re looking for. Even if the same information is available for free in your blog, people will pay for the convenience of having all of your thoughts and ideas organized in a way that makes your readers’ lives easier.

2. Use Private Label Content

Private label rights content, or PLR, is another great source of book material. CoachGlue is one company that creates high quality, well-researched content you can license and use as your own. There are two things to consider with PLR:

  • The content is sold to more than one person. It is NOT exclusive. Therefore, you will have to modify it to some extent, to adapt it to your voice and to make it unique.
  • You cannot use PLR if you want to publish your book on Kindle. This is a violation of Amazon’s terms of service. However, you can use it if you rewrite it to the point it’s unrecognizable by any plagiarism software (i.e. you create “unique content”).

3. Outsource

Hire a ghostwriter to create a book that’s “you” (your voice, your message) – without you doing the work.

Ghostwriters are professionals who are exceptionally good at capturing their client’s “voice.” A phone conversation, access to your website/teaching material/marketing materials, and an outline are all a good ghostwriter needs to create a book that is uniquely yours. Expect that your ghostwriter will do research or ask for material from you to flesh out a few ideas. Ultimately, though, your involvement can be as hands-on or hands-off as you want. Upwork is currently the largest online freelancing platform, where it’s easy to find and hire great talent.


Having a published book on your coaching resume can completely transform your business. However, a book can only position you as an authority, expand your reach and give people value… IF you actually write it. Take any one of these ideas and get started; and even if you start with points #1 and #2, you can always resort to #3!

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