Attention: Womenpreneurs Ready Build A 6 Figure Business

Continuous movement is the hallmark of a successful entrepreneur. When you are ready to grow a thriving business and live the life you’re dreaming of, you need three things: wisdom, tools, and community.

As an BuildHER Academy Member, you will have unlimited access to resources you need to move you to the next level of success and fulfillment -and beyond.


What You Get in the BuildHER Membership Program:

  • Make your competition irrelevant with a Market Dominating Position Statement and Magnetic Messaging for your home page or landing page.
  • Understand your Niche Market so you can attract your ideal clients, who love you and are willing to pay for your expertise.
  • Get paid your worth while working smarter. Become irresistible and easily fill a program, sell a service offering, or land more clients, customers or patients!
  • A simple proven Lead Generation Process maps out your marketing strategy for fast and predictable income.
  • A Signature Presentation shows you exactly what to say so you can host your own event or webinar to position yourself as an expert to prospects or strategic partners.
  • Sales scripts so each team member stays focused on value and close more business with confidence!

Your investment includes these complimentary gifts valued at $10,158:

  • One year of BuildHER video series training
  • Unlimited one-year access to private Wealth Zone Academy e-program including over $1million in business building strategies and tactics for you to implement each weekly with “swipe and deploy files”
  • One-year access to twice-monthly private “Ask the Expert” group calls

Accelerate your success with one-on-one coaching with Teresa. My no-nonsense approach helps you see what’s working in your business and what isn’t... how to change it... and how to steadily move toward your goals without wasting another minute in indecision.


Why reinvent the wheel and spend months or years in frustration and struggle, trying to build a brand and attract customers? Get going on a profitable path immediately on a new business, or shift directions if your business has been struggling!

Outcome-Based Business Growth Coaching ($6,000 annual value)

  • Access to me and the Fiscally Fabulous® Team
  • 2 X month LIVE group conference calls with Q&A (these calls are recorded and emailed to you the same day, so you can access the content anytime)
  • Immersion in the Fiscally Fabulous® proven process 

®BuildHER Membership Program

  • Craft your Brand Story and make your competition irrelevant
  • Identify your Ideal Audience and attract clients you love
  • Develop a Signature Program so you get paid what you’re worth
  • Launch a simple proven Lead Generation Process for predictable income
  • Maximize your income, impact & influence as an expert and become your best self


24/7/365 Online Access to the Wealth Zone Academy Client Attraction Program($2,364 annual value)

  • You receive unlimited access to templates that grow your business including sales letters, web copy, email drip campaigns, business spreadsheets, internet marketing videos, profitable headlines, marketing material strategies, articles and tips to inspire you… and much more!

Your exclusive membership experience also includes these valuable resources:

  • Quarterly Planning Sessions: we examine your current 90-day action plan and make necessary course corrections. Entrepreneurs who haven’t developed a 90-day action plan yet benefit from expert guidance and a clear roadmap to success.
  • Monthly Accountability check-ins to ensure you’re taking consistent action on your goals.
  • Masterclass Vault Access: your go-to resource for all things entrepreneurial. Study on your own time, at your own pace, with lifetime access to all monthly video trainings from Teresa and her guests, and PDF workbooks on topics relevant to your unique needs.
  • Fiscally Fabulous Hour Live: a monthly live Q&A with Dr. Teresa Martin offers you 90 minutesof absorbing the wisdom of your Fiscally Fabulous Leader, as well as learning from your Fiscally Fabulous Sisters!
  • Fiscally Fabulous BuildHER Facebook Group: make connections, learn, share, and expand your mind in our exclusive Facebook group.

Grow your business without the expense of a marketing/copywriting team! Access my proven and copyright-free templates... simply copy/paste these materials to your own website, marketing materials, social media, print ads, brochures, and emails!


Fiscally Fabulous®Wealth Zone Academy (priceless)

As an entrepreneur, we all thrive when we’re a part of something greater than ourselves! Our community of Fiscally Fabulous® leaders are supportive, passionate, dedicated an innovative. Surround yourself with other women committed to helping others improve their health, wealth, and relationships… and leverage their support so you can all do well by doing good.


Early-bird responders ONLY are invited to my signature 45-Minute Business Breakthrough Call (a $497 value) with one of my coaches. We will show you EXACTLY how to uncover $10,000 -$50,000 in hidden profit potential in your business (and how to apply the Fiscally Fabulous program to your specific business). GUARANTEED.


If Fiscally Fabulous doesn’t show you exactly how to increase your income… if it doesn’t give you proven step-by-step guidance on how to elevate my influence and outshine my competition… or if it fails to show you exactly how to attract more business and close more sales… then you will receive a no questions asked 100% refund within the first 14 days.

This Experience Is For You IF:

I don’t work with just anyone. I am selective in working with women who are ready to make a difference and who are committed to doing what they haven’t done before, in order to experience success, they haven’t experienced before.

This program is for you if:

  • You want to be recognized as a thought leader
  • You don’t have a clear path to success and get sidetracked with “shiny objects”
  • You aren’t getting results in your marketing, despite what the “marketing gurus” say
  • You want to increase your income and influence
  • You want to attract ideal clients and make a meaningful difference in their lives
  • You want to surround yourself with positive, passionate, influential and supportive people
  • You will commit to taking action and throwing away your excuses to build the business you really want

I have built my business on integrity and value, and that includes my commitment to your satisfaction. Being an entrepreneur is risky enough so I’m going to shoulder ALL of the risk for this program! If for whatever reason you are not 100% satisfied with the Fiscally Fabulous® program within the first 14 days, I will refund your money and cancel your account within 24 hours or the first month is FREE!


No! Save yourself time and money by gaining access to what works before spending a small fortune on a web designer or copywriter. You will receive the training as well as proven, copyright-free “swipe and deploy” landing pages, email drip campaigns, sales letters, print marketing, and much more.

No matter your industry or your offerings, you share one common challenge with every single other business: how to attract more clients and close more sales, without spending a ton of money to do it.

Each call is recorded and uploaded into our private members area so you can access the entire library of live calls at your convenience.

Membership is for individuals only. Your business partner could login to the system using your account OR purchase a second membership.

This membership is for coaches, consultants, and service-based professionals who solve a major life problem in the areas of health, fitness, real estate, wealth, business, personal development, style, and relationships.

Fiscally Fabulous® Women know that competition is a reality, but we also have an abundance mindset that focuses on developing our own gifts, talents, and approach, so that each of us attracts a unique niche audience through our proven process and marketing dominating position statement. We focus on our business, not our competition.

We teach the mindset of success. When unsuccessful people hear a new idea, they say, “That won’t work for me.” Successful people ask the right question: “How can I make that work for me?” But with my personal 14-Day Money Back Guarantee, there is absolutely no risk to you if Fiscally Fabulous®is not everything I say that it is and more!
The Academy is an online eLearning platform with hundreds of proven strategies, tactics, and tools for elevating your influence and growing your business, including instant access to how-to videos with fill-in-the-blank workbooks on marketing topics; and copyright-free templates you can copy/paste into your own campaigns.
If you are in the business of helping people improve their health, wealth, business, relationships, or self -then this program will work for you. It is designed for coaches, trainers, salespeople, and anyone in a service-oriented industry that facilitates transformation in others.
This program is NOT A COURSE. It is ACCESS to experts and proven resources that you can apply to your business whether you’re growing an existing business or starting a new one. Each member is on their unique path, but on a similar journeyto personal and professional fulfillment and success, and we give the simple and proven step-by-step strategies that ensure success, whether you want to get a business off on the right foot or do a “business makeover” to maximize your impact and your profits.
Only you control your outcomes, and your success is 100% dependent on how fast you take action and implement the proven strategies. Do NOT invest inthis program if you are not serious about taking actionor committed to putting in the work to buildyour business. This is not a “done for you” program -it’s a “done with you” program that relies on your application of our teachings.
Teresa’s private clients pay upwards of $3500 for a day with her or $5000 per month and up.

P.S. #1 Claim the special offer before it expires, and start changing your business today with the The Fiscally Fabulous Client Attraction Program!

P.S. #2 Every day you don't act and change the course of your business, is another day your competition gains the edge on you.

P.S. #3 Disclaimer: this program is only for women who are serious and committed to success. If this $997 program will compromise you financially, or if you’re not ready to do the work necessary, this program isn’t for you. Act now before the price goes up for Fiscally Fabulous® BuildHER Community!

* LIMITED AVAILABILITY AT $3,500 DONE-IN-A-DAY (One In-Person Session)OR $5,000 FOR A 30-DAY TURNAROUND (Weekly 2-hr Sessions)

THESE ARE ONE-TO-ONE IMPLEMENTATION SESSIONS.This price will NOT last forever as demand continues to increase.

GUARANTEE: I personally guarantee that you will be able to easily and immediately take action and implement to get results after our time together or I will coach you for FREE until you are 100% confident.

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