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Growing your wealth with non-performing notes

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mortgage note investing.

We’re here to create independent, competent, integrity riddled note investors one member at a time. No matter the size of the community member, we all believe the best way to get traction in any field is by doing. Our mortgage Fiscally Fabulous® Note Buyer’s Club was created with the small private placement, family office, and accredited investor in mind. Making sure vetted inventory is available for those with a proven track record, providing specialized guidance and methodology for dynasties and credibility and confidence to the accredited investor.
Competitive Returns
1st trust deeds, privately held mortgage notes , contract for deeds and land contracts all present unique opportunities to invest in real estate in unconventional ways and achieve unconventional returns! They beat savings accounts, checking accounts, money markets, CDs, stock market, REITs and mutual funds, when compared after expenses and over 2 , 3 and 5 year calculations. Come learn the secrets 1st hand on why there is a bank on every corner.


Get Out of the Rat Race

Looking for an investment opportunity that can truly one day replace your salaried income? This is the place for you. Note investing provides that unique opportunity for most entrepreneurs to find that place of comfort.


Truly Positive Cash Flow

Many investments out there boast about cash flow, but is it consistent? Is it positive? That is the question. Whether you are buying performing 1st or nonperforming 1st from our trade desk, seasoned investors will tell you your cash flow opportunity is real and sustainable.


Real Inventory

Running around at night like a bandit competing in the bandit sign wars? Are you buyer number 8 of 15 in an all-out bidding war for an asset to flip? Stop that now, with over 13.5M homeowners in the United States with N.O.D.s we there is inventory for everyone, everywhere!


Complete Education

Full nuts and bolts of successful note investing is provided. We pull no punches. Many leave a few ingredients out the recipe for note success, not here. We provide checklist, resources, our black book and more. You will be given all the tools needed to succeed, on your own. No mouse traps here.


Resources and Community

One of a kind membership that prides itself on helping one another, collaborating on out of state deals and JV within the community to tackle all opportunities.

What's Included?

A proven, proprietary system

A proven proprietary system to educate and coach entrepreneurs on how to buy non-performing mortgages from big banks and hedge funds and turn them into a working asset.

On-demand Inventory

A trade desk that features an inventory of pre-qualified, delinquent loans nationwide, our community of clients can purchase.

Step-by-step coaching

A step-by-step coaching program to take an individual all the way through the process of buying a note to profit.

We know what works!

Most real estate investment programs have price tags ranging from $16k to $45k. Many of our clients have spent over $75k looking for the program that would get to the point. Lots of flash, books, CDs, and materials that ultimately have tons of feel-good qualities but no stickability. We specialize in actionable knowledge, truly hands-on, intensive training that you retain for a fraction of the cost.
  • Best bang for your buck.
  • Complete, actionable training.
  • Truly, positive cash flow!
  • Less time, great returns.
  • Resources and community.

Don’t wait. Your future starts now!

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