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The real estate industry has grown substantially in recent years, offering various women in real estate career opportunities to individuals with diverse skill sets and backgrounds. According to BLS, the industry is expected to witness a 5 percent growth rate from 2021 to 2031, making it a promising field. And you know what’s even more interesting? The industry has become more transparent for women to thrive. 

Female professionals are now taking significant roles and contributing to the sector. However, there is room for improvement, particularly in areas like gender equality and fair compensation. To create an inclusive workforce and cope with the challenges, we need to empower women in real estate by uplifting talented individuals and creating inspiring role models for others to follow is crucial. 

In this article, we will discuss how organizations can break barriers of male dominance and strengthen women in real estate for sustainable success.

1. Provide Mentorship and Networking Opportunities

The most effective way to empower women in real estate is by increasing their exposure to the world of professionals and mentors. By connecting women with industry leaders, experienced professionals, and peers, we can create a supportive environment that fosters learning, growth, and success.

For instance, they can benefit from valuable insights on industry technicalities, risk management, investment plans, real estate portfolio, and client retention. Moreover, networking can open doors to new opportunities, allowing women to shine and make a positive impact. 

2. Encourage Women Entrepreneurship 

It is not wrong to say that women are incredibly innovative and bring fresh ideas to various industries, including real estate. Studies have shown that women-led start-ups have a higher success and growth rate than those led by men. It is because women possess a unique intuitive ability to plan everything with deep insight, which allows them to make informed decisions.

Therefore, the real estate industry must embrace women in leadership roles and encourages them to start their firms. The organizations can reap significant benefits by providing women real estate agents and realtors opportunities to bring their unique perspectives. Not only does this increase the chances of success, but it also allows for valuable lessons to be learned along the way.

3. Support Fair Maternity and Paternity Leave Policy

One of the significant reasons why women leave their real estate careers is due to family commitments. It’s no secret that juggling work and family commitments is no easy feat. Unfortunately, women often bear the brunt of this struggle. Top of all, starting a family with a strict working schedule makes the situation worse for female professionals.

Therefore, organizations should take maternity and paternity leave initiatives to support working mothers. These little considerations for the unique needs of women in the workforce can be a massive step to empowering women in real estate. 

Some appealing gestures like offering flexible working hours, remote dealings, and allowing child care in the office some days can help a long way in nurturing a healthy working environment for women. Also, keeping transparent communications to inquire about employee health is another way to foster a supportive work culture.

4. Remove Gender Biasness and Appreciate Women’s Contribution

Gender biases remain a considerable challenge that hinders women’s success and limits their opportunities for growth in real estate. Despite being exceptionally skilled and competitive members, women still face underrepresentation, receive low wages, and are kept behind in navigating the industry and building successful careers.

To empower women in real estate, it is critical to remove gender discrimination and create a more supportive workspace. This means recognizing and appreciating women’s contributions, providing equal opportunities for professional growth, and allowing them to participate in negotiations and essential decisions.

Real estate companies can attract the best talent in the industry by breaking the glass ceiling and removing barriers to women’s approach.

5. Ensure Skills Development Programs

The real estate industry is highly competitive, and women often face unique challenges throughout their journey. To maximize the potential of women in real estate, investing in their professional development is essential. Therefore, implementing robust and comprehensive skills development programs are productive ways to empower women in real estate with the tools they need to succeed.

Skills development programs can help women hone their leadership, negotiation, and communication skills, enabling them to navigate complex business situations and make strategic decisions that drive success. These programs can also aid women in building confidence, resilience, and a sense of empowerment that can be invaluable for advancing their careers.

6. Prefer Female Employee Safety

Empowering women in real estate requires a multifaceted approach that addresses some serious problems women face in the industry. Safety is one of the most pressing issues that women real estate agents face. According to the National Association of Realtors, 33% of female agents have experienced a situation in which they feared for their safety, compared to only 25% of male agents.

Hence, it is crucial to prioritize their safety and well-being by providing self-defence training, background checks on clients, and establishing buddy systems for agents working alone.

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