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It’s no secret how hot planners
are—especially this time of year.

Everyone—from service providers to coaches to product sellers—is looking for ways to improve their business, produce more relevant content, create better coaching programs, and market more efficiently on social media. And that’s exactly where a well-crafted planner can help.

With a useful combination of step-by-step instruction and fill-in-the-blank workbook, a good planner can make it easy to achieve any goal you’ve set for your business.

I have put together a fantastic selection of planners to help you reach nearly any business milestone you can imagine.

Each one has a focused purpose that will drive your business forward and help you reach new heights, so they’re worth every penny just for that reason. But even better, once you’ve reached your milestone, repurposing your planner as a training tool for your clients is as easy as adding your own ideas.

Check out the selection right here

I can’t wait to see what you achieve with a done-for-you plan to work from!

Your Best Year Ever Planner!

Every year, many business owners sit down to plan out their goals, services, products and marketing for the next year. This workbook is the perfect tool to use and includes several exercises so you can gain clarity around what worked well this year and what to implement for next.

Using this workbook, you can coach your clients 1:1 or to a group through a live mini class or recorded ecourse program and walk them through the process of planning their best year ever. You get all this Done-for-You content so it’s ready to use.

Your Presentation Speech + Keynote Planner

When it comes to showing off your expertise and being the authority you are, there aren’t many better avenues than keynote speeches and other presentations. The number one thing you can do to combat stage fright and take your rightful place on the speaker circuit is to be prepared. This step-by-step planner will help you map out your speech so you can confidently step up onto the virtual stage to host webinars and other “live” events.

With this content you can coach your clients through the process of defining their ideal audience, brainstorming their topic, defining their message and more. You get all this Done-for-You content so it’s ready to use.

Revenue Calendar: Your 12 Month Marketing + Profit Plan! ($57 Value)

No more writing content from scratch or paying ghostwriters hundreds or even thousands of dollars to help you develop your training content. This workbook is the perfect tool to strategically map out your marketing and profit plan for the next 12 months, so you’ll never have to wonder which product to promote next!

Using this package, you can coach your clients 1:1 or to a group through a live mini class or recorded ecourse program and walk them through the process of setting up a 12-month marketing and profit plan.  You get all this Done-for-You content so it’s ready to use.

Weekly Social Media Planner ($57 Value)

Social media is a marketing method we all need to pay attention to. But if you’ve ever tried to put the power of social media to work for your business and then not seen the results you wanted, you probably figured out pretty quickly that without a plan, it’s easy to flounder around and not really achieve anything.

If you (or your clients) are struggling with figuring out how to make social media an effective part of your marketing method, be sure to pick up this package. The content will help you quickly and easily create a live webinar (or pre-record it and create an ecourse program) so you can help both yourself and your clients better understand social media and how to plan it, schedule it, and even automate some of it. You get all this Done-for-You content so it’s ready to use.

Weekly Newsletter Planner

You want to provide outstanding value to your subscribers, to give readers a reason to look forward to their email so they open it with anticipation every time it shows up in their inbox. To do this effectively you will need to have a solid plan in place so that every single week your readers continue opening their emails.

Use the content in this workbook to work 1:1 (or in a group) with your clients and walk them through the process of defining their audience, how to get people to stay on their list, how often they should mail, what to include in each mailing, and so much more. With your Weekly Newsletter Planner, you get all this Done-for-You content so it’s ready to use.

BONUS: “Easy and Fun Goal Setting Strategies to Create
Your Most Spectacular Year Ever!”

This Step-by-Step Workbook Covers:

  • Step 1: Determine Your Goal-Setting Persona
  • Step 2: Go with the Flow
  • Step 3: Dream the Big Dream
  • Step 4: Get Present in the Moment
  • Step 5: Making a Vision Journal
  • Step 6: Getting Others to Achieve Goals for you
  • Step 7: Know Where You Want to Be
  • Step 8: Join a Group
  • Step 9: Find your Maximum Workflow Formula
  • Step 10: Find Your Story Question
  • Step 11: Brainstorm your Big Business Life
  • Step 12: Make Sure Your Goals Belong to You
  • Step 13: Write your Own Obituary
  • Step 14: Do More of What Worked
  • Step 15: Build Your Confidence with Tangible Rewards
  • Step 16: Train Yourself to Keep Deadlines
  • Step 17: Dig Deeper and Challenge Everything

Plus, You’ll Also Get All these Valuable
Templates + Tools:

You will LOVE having these templates and tools that you can download or print off to help you apply what you’ve learned! You can also offer these templates to your clients to implement what they’ve learned from you.

  • Worksheet (8-pages)
  • Checklist (8-pages)

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