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Fiscally Fabulous Blueprint Masterclass for Fiscally Fabulous® Entrepreneurs

Has The Coronavirus Severely Impacted Your Business’ Revenue And Profits?

Let me show you how you can TRIPLE your leads, DOUBLE your sales and dramatically INCREASE your annual revenue by MORE than $100,000 – while your competition struggles just to keep their doors open

During the Masterclass, you’ll work through the six steps of the Success System–not just theories, but a treasure chest of practical How-To’s and actionable knowledge. 

You’ll discover … 

  • Which business entity you should obtain to truly eliminate your personal liability… so you don’t expose your personal assets in the event something happens with your business
  • How to make your business into a powerful asset that will ensure you an extraordinary lifestyle (both before and after you sell it)
  • How to eliminate the ‘shiny object syndrome’ in your business strategy by laser-focusing on the 5 key areas of business growth
  • Why business credit gives your company an edge against your competition 
  • What business credit is, and how it can help your company grow while at the same time protecting your personal credit 
  • How business credit protects you from personal liability, even if your business goes into receivership 
  • Why business credit gives your company an edge against your competition 
  • How establishing an early, excellent business credit history can help you in lean times or even make it possible for you to take advantage of opportunities when your competition just plain can’t 
  • How treating your business like a business aligns with how the IRS sees your company 
  • How trade credit can help – and business credit can get you loans 
  • Why building business credibility pays dividends when building business credit 
  • How your EIN and D-U- N-S numbers help you build credit for your business 
  • How building your business credit in the specified order makes the process go more smoothly and minimizes and can even eliminate setbacks 
  • Why monitoring your business credit and disputing errors helps keep your scores up 
  • How trying to get credit out of sequence will get you DENIED… and the right order to apply to ensure you get approved
  • How unsecured business financing can be the best solution for your business 

Is the Fiscally Fabulous Blueprint Masterclass right for you?

  • Business Owners, Founders, Entrepreneurs
  • Established business with a product or service and customers
  • Working with a team of people and/or supply or collaboration partners
  • Some level of momentum promoting your business or willing to do so
  • Selling Business-to-Business (B2B)
  • You need funding to launch your business idea
  • You currently do not qualify for a business loan
  • Your business loan applications have been declined.
  • You want to take your business to the next level but need capital to do it. 
  • Your business is struggling, and you need financing to stay afloat.
  • You are dipping into your savings or using personal credit cards for business expenses.
  • You need comprehensive business expertise in a one-stop shop.

What You Receive in the Fiscally Fabulous Blueprint Masterclass:

  • 1 Day Masterclass Intensive Live ((VALUE: $697)
  • 1x Private Strategy Session with Dr. Teresa (VALUE: $497) 
  • Healthy Business Success Scanner (Success Scan) (VALUE: $97)
  • Business Success System Level 1 Membership (VALUE: $197)
  • MY promise… Reality based training (PRICELESS)


About Dr. Teresa R. Martin, Esq. 

An attorney for women real estate investors and a profit acceleration strategist for women entrepreneurs, Teresa leverages her decades of experience as a business and investment consultant; business owner; partner; entrepreneur; real estate investor; and legal advisor, to help women business owners grow and scale their small businesses with innovative legal and consulting services that are focused on increasing their returns in their businesses. 

Whether you want to build business credit, grow business income, or master your assets, Teresa helps crystalize your vision and shape existing businesses into highly successful ventures with a profitable built-in exit strategy. 

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