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Business Consulting for New York

Empower yourself and your business with the business consulting services offered by Enjoy Your Legacy in New York. Through our business coaching programs and workshops, you’ll learn the foundational basics of business success. These business basics will propel your business into new levels of competitiveness and growth. With our help, you can learn the tools you need to achieve your business goals.

Business Consulting for Women Entrepreneurs and Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Enjoy Your Legacy is proud to support women who want to grow their businesses. Our business coaching is designed to teach core business principles and bring extra value to your business. Our coaching and consulting services will go over important elements of success such as:

  • Accessing credit
  • Building business credit
  • Business financing
  • Creating value
  • Local marketing
  • Online presence optimization

Take a look at the following programs and choose the one that best aligns with your business goals.

If you want to start a new business and experience your first 100K of growth, BuildHER is the perfect program for you. If you already have a successful six-figure business and you’re looking for further growth, GrowHER is ideal for you. For women with 250K+ businesses who want additional mentoring, accountability, and personal attention, explore what MasterHER has to offer.

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Fiscally Fabulous™ BuildHER Business Community

An online business academy for women who want to start a new business or build a current business to 100K and over with ease​ and clarity and connection.

Fiscally Fabulous™ GrowHER Business Circle

A mastermind experience for woman with 6-figure businesses ready to grow their to the next level business by adding leverage
and automation

Fiscally Fabulous™ MasterHER Business Mastery Program

A private group of business woman with $250K+ businesses ready to scale and leverage with personal attention, accountability and mentoring

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