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If my previous article convinced you to become an author – or if you’ve been hearing for years that you should write a book – why hasn’t it happened? I get it… you see the benefits, but there are so many reasons why now is not a good time. Here are the 3 top book-writing excuses that may be keeping you from writing your book – and 3 reasons why you can do it.

1. “But I don’t have time!” 

This is the biggest excuse I hear, but let me ask you: if you were to take a little extra time every day to build your business – so that you could work less, earn more, and have more fun – wouldn’t you do it? Of course you would. Prioritize writing your book, because it’ll pay off BIG. 

If you’re a morning person, get up 30 minutes early for a short, focused writing session. You know your mind is clear, focused, and “on” when you wake up, before it gets bogged down with the day’s responsibilities, worries and things that demand your attention.

If you don’t come awake until afternoon, commit to 30 minutes of writing in the evening, when everyone else has gone to bed.

Whatever your “time personality” is, you MUST make your book a priority if you’re going to get it done. Put it on your calendar as “Business Building” instead of writing, if that helps. Just do it, and don’t allow anything to get in the way. You’ll be shocked at how quickly a book will come together if you commit to 30 minutes a day!

2. “But I can’t write!”

Can you really not write, or do you just not enjoy writing? Either way, you’re not going to do it, so to overcome this hurdle, hire a ghostwriter. All you need to do is communicate your idea, key points and maybe an outline to your writer, and let the writer work some magic. Alternatively, record yourself speaking, have it transcribed, and hire a writer to organize your thoughts into a book.

3. “But it’s too overwhelming!”

A book project can be overwhelming, but that too can be overcome. Here’s how:

  • First, do a “brain dump” of your ideas. What points do you want to make? Who’s your audience? What are you teaching them? What ideas do you have that others don’t?
  • Then, organize your brain dump into an outline. An outline takes a broad overview and breaks it down into sections, and then further down into chapters. 
  • Once the outline – the book’s “skeleton” – is in place, flesh it out with ideas, stories, etc.

A ghostwriter can help you with this entire process – and it could be a fun collaboration for both of you!

No more excuses!

These are the top three excuses I hear – but really, the overarching theme here is simply FEAR. “What if it stinks? What if people don’t buy even one copy? What if I’m not good enough? What if…” The truth is, you’ll never know what the potential will be if you don’t try. 

If you put yourself in the mindset of “how can I serve?” then you will quickly see that there are people out there who NEED your expertise, wisdom, ideas, and inspiration. Really! Just as you are able to find answers when you need them – answers that come from other people – you may have exactly the answer that people are looking for. So throw out the excuses, and get this project started!

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