Push Beyond Your Limits

How to Develop the Grit, Drive, and Hustle To Make Your Entrepreneurial Goals a Success

Embark on a Journey of Grit, Drive, and Hustle with Inspiring Entrepreneurs

Are you ready to unlock the hidden potential within you and propel your entrepreneurial dreams to new heights? Discover the ultimate roadmap to success with our groundbreaking book, “Push Beyond Your Limits.

In a world where dreams often collide with obstacles, “Push Beyond Your Limits” stands as a beacon of unwavering determination. This anthology of remarkable stories from thought-leaders and entrepreneurs resonates as a testament to the power of resilience.

Let these chapters guide you through the labyrinth of entrepreneurial challenges and lead you to unparalleled success.

Chapter Titles & Their Authors

  • Delayed Is Not Denied: My Road to Success

    Author: LaVonne Barksdale
    Prepare to be inspired by LaVonne's journey of overcoming delays and setbacks. Her story exemplifies how resilience and perseverance can ultimately pave the way for success, even when the road seems most uncertain.

  • Stand Firm When Life Throws You a Curve Ball

    Authors: Natacha Ferrari and Sandra Ferrari
    Navigating life's unpredictable twists and turns requires exceptional strength. Join Natacha and Sandra on their quest to conquer adversity, as they reveal how a steadfast spirit can help you stay the course and achieve greatness.

  • Faith, Focus, Finances: Transformation Despite Life’s Challenges

    Author: Natoyah Grinnon
    Natoyah's compelling narrative highlights the transformative power of faith, unwavering focus, and prudent financial decisions. Through her experiences, learn how to navigate life's challenges while staying resolutely committed to your entrepreneurial aspirations.

  • As Iron Sharpens Iron

    Author: Peta-Gaye Jamieson
    Peta-Gaye's chapter delves into the significance of collaborative growth. Discover how surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals can sharpen your entrepreneurial acumen, allowing you to achieve excellence and leave a lasting impact.

  • The Resilient Retiree: A Resilient Journey

    Author: Velma A. Knights
    Embark on Velma's resilient journey post-retirement, as she demonstrates that age is no barrier to pursuing your dreams. Her story showcases the boundless energy of the human spirit and serves as an inspiration for those seeking reinvention.

  • The Power of Self-Identity

    Author: Phoenixx Martin
    Phoenixx invites you to explore the transformative potential of self-identity. Uncover how aligning with your true self can catalyze your entrepreneurial journey, enabling you to overcome obstacles and carve a distinctive path to success.

  • A Business Built to Bless: Finding Passion and Purpose in Chaos

    Author: Dr. Teresa R. Martin
    Dr. Teresa R. Martin's chapter redefines chaos as a catalyst for passion and purpose. Learn how to channel adversity into a driving force, propelling you towards entrepreneurial success that is both meaningful and fulfilling.

  • Credit Changes Everything: The Climb from Ignorance

    Author: William Moore
    William Moore's story is a testament to the transformative power of credit literacy. Explore how understanding and leveraging credit can open doors to opportunities you never thought possible, paving the way to financial prosperity.

  • A Prescription for a Stress-Free and Worry-Free Financial Life

    Author: Dr. Lorie A. L. Nicholas
    Dr. Lorie A. L. Nicholas offers a prescription for a worry-free financial life. Discover actionable strategies to alleviate financial stress and embark on a journey towards financial freedom and security.

  • Life after Corporate: My Journey to Commercial by Multifamily Real Estate

    Author: Sonya Rocvil
    Sonya's chapter unveils a path to financial independence beyond the corporate world. Delve into the world of multifamily real estate and learn how to leverage this sector for unprecedented entrepreneurial growth.

  • Breaking Barriers: Using Technology for Business Growth

    Author: James Earl Thompson
    Technology holds the key to unlocking exponential business growth. Join James Earl Thompson as he guides you through leveraging technology to shatter barriers and drive your entrepreneurial endeavors to new heights.

  • Journey to Becoming Debt-Free

    Author: Shanita P. Williamson
    Embark on Shanita's inspiring journey towards debt freedom. Her chapter outlines practical steps to regain financial control, equipping you to break free from debt's chains and march confidently towards your entrepreneurial aspirations.

Meet The Authors

Dr. Teresa R. Martin, Esq.

Dr. Teresa R. Martin, Esq.

Dr. Teresa R. Martin, Esq.—“Dr. T”—is an accomplished attorney for women real estate entrepreneurs. With decades of experience as a consultant and entrepreneur in real estate investments, legal advising, and small businesses, she offers specialized consulting services that help female owners reach their goals with maximum efficiency.
Lorie A. L. Nicholas

Lorie A. L. Nicholas

Dr. Lorie A. L. Nicholas has an extensive background in counseling, teaching, and research. She has presented at many conferences and has conducted a variety of workshops and trainings. Dr. Nicholas holds a doctorate in Clinical-Community Psychology and is a Certified Financial Education Instructor.
William Moore

William Moore

William Moore, COO of Generational Wealth Zone LLC, is a charismatic speaker and trainer with more than two decades’ of experience as a certified credit counselor, strategist, and business credit coach helping clients address negative money behaviors and implement sound financial strategies.
LaVonne Barksdale

LaVonne Barksdale

LaVonne Barksdale is the director of a Homelessness Prevention Administration program, the Landlord Management Unit (LMU). She is a licensed Realtor, an instructor with Hudson Gateway Association of Realtors (HGAR) Multiple Listing Service (MLS), and the founder of VerteranSpeak, which serves homeless veterans. She currently resides in New York and is the proud mother of two.
Sonya Rocvil

Sonya Rocvil

Sonya Rocvil is the principal and founder of Bedrock Real Estate Investors, which specializes in the acquisitions and asset management of multifamily apartments in the United States. She is a CPA and licensed real estate agent. A frequent guest on podcasts and webinars, Sonya lives with her husband and two children in Brooklyn, New York.
Natacha & Sandra Ferrari

Natacha & Sandra Ferrari

Natacha Ferrari is an accountant, and Sandra Ferrari is an intake manager at a New York City law firm. Both Natacha and Sandra are speakers, coaches, and real estate investors. Long-time members of REIA NYC, the twins use various strategies to acquire properties across the United States and provide housing services to their clientele.
Peta-Gaye Jamieson

Peta-Gaye Jamieson

Peta-Gaye Jamieson, founder of the EZRA Group Inc, developed The Architects of Your Business Foundation—a mobile platform that assists frustrated and overwhelmed Black and Brown first-time homebuyers, ages thirty-five to fifty-five, through creative financing strategies. It fosters collaboration, knowledge sharing, and support between users and service providers in a secure environment.
Phoenixx Martin

Phoenixx Martin

As a non-binary person of color, Phoenixx Martin is a New York native residing in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. A Certified Empowerment and Confidence Life Coach and human rights, animal rights, and LGBTQIA+ rights advocate, Phoenixx guides clients in identifying
James Earl Thompson

James Earl Thompson

James Earl Thompson is an entrepreneur and marketing and business systems strategist. His passion is coaching busy small business owners and entrepreneurs to maximize their resources, increase their profits, and grow their business using technology. He is a recognized leader in the education and implementation IT solutions, business processes, marketing automation, and effective marketing campaign development.
Natoyah Grinnon

Natoyah Grinnon

Natoyah Grinnon, CEO of Apex Global Properties, specializes in mortgage notes, tax liens, and tax deeds. Her vision is to improve your financial well-being through long-term strategies and accessible investments. Serving on the REIA NYC legislative board, she offers insights on legal updates, while her Bold Living Podcast supports entrepreneurs and organizations in wealth building.
Shanita P. Williamson

Shanita P. Williamson

Shanita P. Williamson lives in Boston and is a member of REIA NYC. She is in the process of obtaining her license to sell real estate in Massachusetts, New York, and Rhode Island. She is working on her autobiography and is part of the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts Oral History Project.
Velma A. Knights

Velma A. Knights

Velma A. Knights is an inspirational figure and the founder and owner of Resilient Empowered Ageless Living, LLC (R.E.A.L.). She is dedicated to redefining the concept of ageless living for retirees and creating a community that embraces resilience and empowerment.
Linda Clemons

Linda Clemons

Linda Clemons® is a global sales and nonverbal communications expert. The CEO of Sisterpreneur® Inc. of Indianapolis, Indiana, Linda is a charismatic speaker and corporate trainer with more than three decades of experience. She provides sales and leadership teams with an awareness of how body language can improve performance and boost sales.

Embrace the Journey to Success

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As you explore the diverse stories of triumph, challenges, and growth, you’ll discover invaluable insights that will reshape your approach to business and life.

Get ready to embrace your limitless potential and embark on a journey towards success that knows no bounds.

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