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Sponsorship Opportunities

To fast-track your business… attract the attention of a pre-qualified audience that’s ready to buy… promote your products and services… sponsor an Enjoy Your Legacy / Generational Wealth Zone event!

In today’s crowded online marketplace, consumers are overwhelmed. Too many choices, too many brands vying for their attention… so how do you make sure your message gets out in front of the right people who are ready to buy? How do you stand out, and how do you get past the six-second hurdle of capturing your audience’s attention? 

Sponsoring an event is a valuable opportunity to position your brand in front of successful women entrepreneurs who are willing and able to pay for products and services that grow their business. This audience is investment-savvy, innovative, driven, and open to partnering with businesses that will advance their wealth.

Enjoy Your Legacy event sponsorship is perfect for anyone providing a service or product to women entrepreneurs, either directly or indirectly. Our members are ultimately seeking to enhance their lifestyles, and are in need of:

  • Tax professionals or bookkeepers
  • Bankers
  • Coaches and educators 
  • Content creators (writers, photographers, videographers)
  • Developers of products or services
  • Financial professionals
  • Insurance professionals
  • Marketing and sales professionals
  • Property managers
  • Real estate attorneys  
  • Real estate agents and brokers 
  • Social media marketing professionals
  • Web designers and developers
  • Virtual assistants

Event sponsorship is a business-building strategy that surpasses the reach of advertising and marketing and delivers a superior ROI on lead generation and customer conversion.

  • You will engage a pre-qualified audience ensuring that your target audience will see your message and immediately get a sense for the value you provide.
  • You will connect face-to-face (virtual and/or live) with proven buyers who are actively investing in their own business and personal growth and are ready to buy.
  • You will gain massive exposure while positioning yourself as an elite brand that is as committed to growth and success as your audience. 
  • You will create a memorable presence within the entrepreneurial community.

ENJOY YOUR LEGACY hosts a limited number of events per year. This means that sponsorship opportunities are coveted and book quickly. Don’t miss the opportunity to become a sponsor and position your brand in front of hundreds of pre-qualified customers eager to grow their businesses, email us at or call us at 646-437-6003

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