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In order for your business to grow and reach its full potential, you need to adopt a growth mindset. Your mindset has a profound impact on the direction of your business and whether it will grow or stagnate. 

Businesses encounter many challenges as they scale. By repeatedly facing challenges and learning from them, you change and evolve. This is why the growth mindset is such an important factor to business success. 

Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset

The growth mindset is different from the fixed mindset. Most of us believe things are the way they are, and they don’t change over time. This is a way of thinking that believes we’re born with talent and intelligence, and we do what we can with them. 

The growth mindset says that talent and intelligence are just the starting point. In the grand scheme of things, it’s not these qualities but perseverance and the capacity to learn that allow us to do amazing things. 

To put it more simply, the fixed mindset says, “I can’t do that.” The growth mindset says, “I can’t do that yet.” 

The 9 Qualities of the Growth Mindset

  1. Unafraid to Fail. You will inevitably make mistakes along the way. The growth mindset sees every failure as a valuable learning experience. You take what you learn from the experience and use it for next time.
  2. Accountable to Yourself. People with this mindset don’t blame others for what happens. They take accountability for their words and actions.
  3. Not Concerned with What Others Have. If you think this way, you’re not jealous or envious of the success of others. You’re happy for the people around you who succeed, and you draw inspiration from them for your own success.
  4. Positive. People like this are unfailingly positive. Not only are they positive, but they surround themselves with positive people and steer clear of negativity. 
  5. Constantly Learning. The key feature of the growth mindset is that you’re hungry to learn. You want to know about everything. But most of all, you want to learn through experience. You’re excited to try something new and see what happens because you know experience is the best teacher.
  6. Obsessed with Efficiency. People who think this way are always seeking to streamline and make things more efficient. They’re trying to work smarter, not harder. 
  7. Priority Setting. Successful people are good at setting priorities and focusing on the most important things. They don’t get lost in the little details or easily distracted.
  8. Resilience. The growth mindset makes you resilient. You’re ready to get kicked to the floor and get right back up to try again. 
  9. Gaining Expertise. A person with this mentality seeks to become an expert in their field and gain deep expertise. 

How to Cultivate business Growth Mindset

The good news is that the growth mindset isn’t something you’re born with. Anyone can cultivate this mentality through reframing the way they see things and adopting a few success habits. Many things will contribute to the success of your business, but one of the big ones is simply how you see the world. 

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